ArticleHow to Make a paper football with a 20

How to Make a paper football with a 20$ bill

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a paper football with a $20 bill. First, take the bill and fold it in half length wise. Next, take the bill and fold one of the
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Moneygami is exactly what you think it is a hybrid of money and origami. Rather than folding origami with your typical origami tissue papers, you can craft yourself something truly special by using money instead.

This particular moneygami tutorial explains how to fold a
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Viewers from other countries who may not have American bills handy, so you also learn a way.

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a paper football for 1 dollar. First, grab your paper and fold it in half length wise. Next, make sure the crease is nice and clean, then fold it length wise once more. Now, fold one of the corners up
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replica oakleys Crease this, then stand it upright and flick it with your other finger. This will make an easy paper football that you can also make with a dollar bill!.

In this video
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cheap oakleys Sunglasses Then fold the edge into a right triangle shape and continue folding the strip in the right triangle pattern. Once you have reached the end of the strip, tear off the end at an angle and tuck it in the side of the football. This video also shows viewers how to play a game with the paper
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In this tutorial, we learn how to make a paper football. First, take a piece of copy paper and fold 1/3 of the paper and crease it. Next, do this again until you reach the top of the paper, you should have three folds in total.
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wholesale fake oakleys keep folding in until you get to the bottom of the paper. Once you reach the bottom, fold the excess paper into the pouch that you created when folding the triangle in. You will end up with a triangle shape. Now, you can hold the paper up with one finger, and flick it with the other to create
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