ArticleDigital Libraries – just one touch away?

Science fiction? No, proof of concept. Let’s hear more!

Next week, the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) of Italy is demonstrating gLibrary as a proof of concept with Apple iPhone at the 5th EGEE User Forum in Uppsala, Sweden. gLibrary mobile is a native application for the Apple touchscreen devices that enables access to to digital libraries deployed over grid infrastructures – from mobile devices like the iPhone & iPod Touch.

The idea is to see how a mobile client can interact with digital libraries created with the INFN grid DL solution. Clients can:

  • browse DL content
  • inspect DL item metadata
  • download & view the closest replica of the selected object

gLibrary is the INFN DL solution to create DLs on gLite grid to create, organise, populate, browse, search and access libraries of digital objects saved and replicated on storage systems of grid infrastructures with a certificate-enabled intuitive and a user-friendly web 2.0 interface from any computer browser. The goal of gLibrary mobile is to offer access to digital libraries created with gLibray from anywhere, anytime. The iPhone and iPod touch devices have been chosen for this proof of concept thanks to their high-resolution touchscreen, multimedia capabilities and intuitive interface.

Where & when: Demo @ 5th EGEE User Forum, 12-15 April 2010, Uppsala, Sweden

INFN representatives: Dr Antonio Calanducci and Dr Costantino Pistagna

Web links & source: 5th EGEE User Forum

Background: EGEE-III (Enabling Grids for EsciencE) operates the world’s largest, multidisciplinary grid infrastructure. In 2010, EGEE will transition to the European Grid Initiative to ensure a sustainable,operational model for Europe.

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