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One of the main questions that will arise whenever we share news of cover iphone 6 doge a new HONOR smartphone is: it have GMS That APPLE – Custodia in Pelle per iPhone 6/6s Colore Rosso – ePRICE a pretty valid concern considering how accustomed we are to GMS and its suite of services, but with HUAWEI continued focus on cover iphone adidas their own HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) and the AppGallery, how is life with HONOR first non Google smartphone, the iphone 5 cover illuminati HONOR 9X ProWhat is available on the AppGalleryWell, the first thing that you will realize is that you will be getting your apps via the AppGallery instead of the Play Store. That might be a bit of a change for some, but to be honest with the array of apps available on the AppGallery, it isn too much of an issue. Here some of the more popular apps that are available on the AppGallery now:All the apps offered on the HUAWEI AppGallery are screened through for security purposes. It is the world first app market to implement a developer identity verification system in addition to a four layer detection mechanism. The four layer detection consists of security vulnerability scanning, privacy check, malicious behavior detection and manual real name security check, to ensure that all the apps you get from the HUAWEI AppGallery are secure.Now you might have noticed how there was no mention of Facebook or WhatsApp. Or you may have also seen people mentioning that the Maybank app relies on Google services. For Facebook and WhatsApp, the AppGallery includes a link to the official repositories by Facebook to download the APK files to install. Meanwhile for Maybank, HUAWEI implemented the Quick Apps feature to let you do your online banking without even having to install an app on your device. You still get the app like convenience with a shortcut to the Maybank Quick App, but it takes up less space on your storage.But how life really without GoogleAs I have used the HONOR 9X Pro as my daily driver, here my experience with the HONOR 9X Pro. Let start with the apps that I can get from the AppGallery. Two of the most important apps to my daily life are Facebook and WhatsApp, and they are available to download directly via the AppGallery, so no issues there. Facebook and WhatsApp are generally the first cover dsquared iphone x apps I open as my start my day, as Facebook is both a part of my job and also my leisure app.Of course I am not driving around during the RMO, but I have downloaded JOOX to entertain me on my journeys later. For movies there VIU and iflix, but I was pleasantly surprised to find MX Player also available, as that my favorite app to watch movies I have downloaded. So that media consumption out of the way.Meanwhile for games, there Honkai Impact 3. The HONOR 9X Pro has plenty of performance to handle the games you want to play too, so there no issues with that. I do play Honkai Impact 3 quite extensively back then, and progress is synced with your HUAWEI ID, not ideal as my main account is connected to Facebook, but I do believe this will be added in a later update.And last but not least, for some window shopping before I sleep, I use Lazada and Shopee. As you might too. And then a quick check in Maybank to remind myself Accessori iPhone- Grip Ergo la miglior custodia anti-scivolo how cover telefono iphone 7 broke I am, and cry myself to sleep.Beyond AppGallery of cover iphone femminili course, with the HONOR 9X Pro being an Android phone, you can easily sideload apps via third party app stores too. There cover resistenti iphone 7 plus is a variety of app stores to choose from including APKPure, UpToDown and more. You do have to be a bit careful when choosing your apps from third party app stores as they do not have as many security measures as the AppGallery does.From there, you can easily get popular apps that aren available on the AppGallery yet, includingCOD Mobile. It worth noting that theCOD Mobilehere in Malaysia is published by Garena, and thus you will have to find the Garena version, cover iphone 7 wood which I have only found togliere cover iphone 5c to Custodia BUMPER trasparente con bordo Bianco per Apple iPhone 6 be offered on UpToDown only. The rest of the apps that I use frequently are Telegram, Instagram andMessenger, all of which I can easily get from APKPure. The latter two are somewhat an anomaly because while Facebook and WhatsApp are available to download directly from the AppGallery, these two apps which are also under Facebook umbrella aren offered.What about other stuffAs you go along, you might also begin to notice that none of your passwords were synchronized to your non Google smartphone, because you aren using Chrome anymore. You can use cover eleganti iphone 6 Chrome, but without Google synchronization I do find it quite pointless. Instead, I switched over to Microsoft cover iphone 6 frutta Edge which works well on Android as it does cover per iphone 4 silicone in Windows. It allowed me to sync from your PC Microsoft Edge (which can copy bookmarks and autofill data from Chrome) to my HONOR 9X Pro, which really helped as I don remember any of my passwords nowadays. Not to mention the UI of Microsoft Edge is actually more user friendly with the tab switcher and share button on the bottom edge instead of all the way at the top.One more thing Phone CloneAnother change that will be quite apparent when upgrading to the HONOR 9X Pro is WhatsApp backups. We might be used to using Google Drive to backup our WhatsApp messages on the old device and downloading the backups on the new Custodia per iphone 7/8 plus sottile pelle rosso – Apple Miglior one, but since there no GMS here, you cover juventus iphone se can do that. But fret not, as Phone Clone will help you transfer almost everything from your old phone. That includes your precious WhatsApp messages, as well as all the apps from your cover iphone 5 flip previous device, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Google Maps, into your HONOR 9X Pro.However if you aren using a HUAWEI/HONOR smartphone previously, Phone Clone might not be able to transfer everything. Your chats will be restoredThe HONOR 9X Pro may not feature Google but the AppGallery and third party app stores offer Le migliori cover per il nuovo iPhone 7 – Icon Design all the apps I need in my daily usage. It might be a bit of a transition in the beginning, but once you get used to it, I must say Cover 2 In 1 Apple IPhone XR (2 In 1) Festa Della Mamma Ho La it doesn really affect me. Having used several HUAWEI devices and even the HONOR V30 Pro without GMS, I am getting quite used to it.You might wonder why would anyone pick the HONOR 9X Pro over any other mid range homer cover iphone Android smartphone in the market which come with GMS. Well, the HONOR 9X Pro offers greater performance and efficiency with its Kirin 810 chipset, and iphone 6 cover battery more storage than any of its peers in its sub RM1000 price point, which does make it very worthy of consideration.Spread the PokdeLoveClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)..

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