ArticleIraqis dig up mass grave containing the remains of over 1,300 men

Iraqis dig up mass grave containing the remains of over 1,300 men

(ANSAmed) – Ankara, June 12 – The bodies of over 1,300 Iraqi civilians in the central city of Al Bab have been discovered in a mass grave where they were buried during the Saddam Hussein regime, local official and residents have told Anadolu Agency. Local doctors are calling for the victims’ bodies to be exhumed and buried in a cemetery nearby, in the belief the bodies could have 더킹카지노been buried under Saddam Hussein’s regime.

The Iraqi soldiers guarding the Al Bab town also said the bodies had been identified from their marks.

The mass graves in Al Bab contain Iraqi citizens who have left their homes and been killed during the fighting for the northe우리카지노rn town which lies under the control of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), the country’s former main coalition partner. The PMU was overthrown by the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the group, who are accused of atrocities against the Kurdish population, now fall under the control of the Iraqi government.

PMU troops and security forces have now been driven out of Al Bab with h더킹카지노eavy fighting taking place in the town, and at least two bodies have been found in the cemetery surrounding the mass grave.

“Our town is under the control of the PMU, and all the forces of the Ministry of Interior have been taken into custody,” an interior minister’s spokesman said. “There are three military installations here: two were captured last Wednesday, and they had weapons.”

An official from the mayor’s office and the area’s governor’s office both confirmed the discovery of the bodies at the cemetery. The bodies were taken away for burial.

“After fighting between Iraq’s elite fighting unit Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU) and PMU fighters in the town over the past two days, an investigation team is going over all the possible circumstances,” the governor’s spokesman Alaa al-Rawi told Anadolu Agency on Saturday. “The body has been burned to death and sent for the crematorium. The entire mass grave was burned to the ground, and other bones have been extracted.”

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