ArticleMan faces court accused of child abduction attempt

Man faces court accused of child abduction attempt

Cincinnati police said they’re looking for a man they say is holding a 13-year-old boy as a hostage.

Authorities say Michael Patrick McCrae walked into an 8th-floor apartment Monday morning where his wife’s 12-year-old son was staying. He said he needed to use the boy’s name because the boy’s mother had died.

Police said the couple then locked the door behind them.

According to arrest reports, when the couple didn’t leave quickly, McCrae tried using the boy’s car keys to break the lock. When the boy and his mother opened the car door he opened fire and killed himself.

Police said the girl’s father was not inside the apajarvees.comrtment at the time.

Investigators think McCrae was looking for his child or t바카라사이트hat he may be trying to get a younger sibling jarvees.comout of jail.

“For sure, he’s scared, he’s scared of me, he’s scared of his mom,” the victim’s father told WNEM-TV.

McCrae’s wife was released and is now at a home in Maryland.

He is in the Cincinnati Public Schools system’s custody pending an arraignment June 7. He was indicted on felony charges of kidnapping, two counts of aggravated murder and one count of aggravated burglary on Monday.

McCrary is being held without bail in the county’s juvenile facility.

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