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Top 7 Questions to Ask About Your Next Home Since home buyers typically look for their new home in the Spring/Summer months you are most likely to sell your home during the peak gas price months of the year. Being close to mass transit to major cities will ensure strong resale in the future. You need food to survive and the idea of driving 20 minutes each way to the nearest grocery store isn’t going to give your home much resale appeal in the future. Find the nearest grocery stores using online mapping services
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notice that the elasticity of the ball is weakened "it feels rubbery and never quite bounces back ? This is exactly what happens to your skin as a result of prolonged UV A exposure. Both UV B and UV A rays have cumulative affects and coupled together often lead to melanoma skin cancer. Thusly, make sure you understand SPF when purchasing a brand of sunscreen, and do not be fooled by those that claim to deliver a high level of protection. For starters, SPF stands for sun protection factor (or sunburn protection factor ). The way SPF works can be best described by the following example: A SPF 20 sunscreen is only allowing five out of every 100 UV protons to reach your skin. In other words, it is blocking out 95% of the UV rays from reaching your skin. That being said, dermatologist oncologist Sancy A. Leachman, director of the Tom C. Mathews Jr. Familial Melanoma Research Clinic at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, recommends a SPF 15 sunscreen as ideal for daily,
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