ArticleInteroperability Challenges: one perspective

One perspective on interoperability at the Autumn School, 3-8 October 2010 in Athens identifies seven issues.

1. Process – what is the boundary between static content, representations, linkages?

2. Authenticity – how do we (people and machines) know “it” is authentic?

3. Quality – how do we measure quality? Does quality change over time?

4. Change over time – how do we create a “dynamic interoperability” framework?

5. Policy – how do we reconcile policies in a contemporary context? How do we handle policy draft?

6. Legal – how can we address issues related to legal aspects?

7. Preservation – how can we preserve interoperability potentiality? What do we preserve? Autumn School Attendees addresses the interoperability challenge from diverse perspectives: content, functionality, user, policy, quality and architecture, investigating the current landscape, pinpointing best practices, evaluating proposed solutions and assisting the library and research community in understanding why interoperability is important and how it can be achieved.

Other perspectives on interoperability were presented at the Autumn School. is proposing best practices and interoperability solutions in its DL Technology and Methodology Cookbook.

Participants at the Autumn School gaining insights into Digital Library & Digital Repository Interoperability.

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