Categories: Spotlight
      Date: Nov 23, 2009
     Title:  eTraining is now available online!

The first test version of the eTraining is available online. eTraining is a part of’s Training Programme aimed at fostering a common understanding of the benefits and importance of interoperability among experts from diverse domains. The courses are designed to help DL experts and professionals acquire important knowledge on Digital Libraries and the DELOS Digital Library Reference Model.

The training material is organized in 8 on-line courses and each course consists of one or more topics in order to build up knowledge step by step, guiding trainees to specific topics they need to focus on. This process is enabled through a "Trainee Profile Questionnaire" before starting the eTraining, allowing to select specific courses according to familiarity with the DELOS Digital Library Reference Model. The 8 courses comprise: also kindly invites trainees to complete the Evaluation Questionnaire afterwards. Opinions and comments are really important and useful to help the project deliver eTraining with maximum benefits for DL experts and professionals.