Categories: Videos
      Date: Mar 30, 2010
     Title: Tobias Blanke

Our latest interview is with Tobias Blanke, Kings College London and an expert in our Liaison Group , offering insights into pioneering work in the eHumanities, as well as interoperability benefits and challenges, positioning in this landscape.

", as a co-ordination action, has a very important role to play in conveying the benefits of interoperability for the diverse stakeholders, including key players in the Humanities space, not only DL end-users but also archivists and librarians as content curators, system librarians and decision-makers particularly on the policy and investment front. If we look back in history, all standardisation effort basically boils down to human-to-human interaction. Hence community engagement is key to bringing interoperability benefits and best practices into sharp relief."

The interview looks at the main value-add of Digital Libraries and Research Infrastructures for the Arts and Humanities; early success stories and top-level challenges moving forward; major challenges for DL interoperability; approaches to interoperability recommended, positioning in this landscape; the role of standards and how DARIAH will contribute to the evolving eHumanities landscape.

Read the on-line interview or downloadable version.