Categories: NewsFlash
      Date: Apr 23, 2010
     Title: Digital Libraries & Linked Data

New Advances for the Semantic Web

"I have a dream for the Web in which computers become capable of analysing all the data on the Web", said Tim Berners-Lee in 1999. Therein lay the future.

New advances in the Semantic Web will also benefit digital libraries as an article published in the latest issue of ERCIM News reveals.

Linked Data is part of the vision of the semantic web to enrich the structure of the Web by embedding semantic annotations into data to improve the quality of search, collaboration, publishing and advertising and enable applications to become more integrated and intelligent. The Resource Description Framework (RDF), a W3C standard for describing resources in the Web and a major component in what is proposed by the W3C for the Semantic Web, serves as the "interconnection bus" for current data formats. "Linked data could be an even bigger sea change than the world wide web not only because it plays a key role in assisting a wide range of people in government and research, but also socially”, said Professor Dame Wendy Hall, University of Southampton.

Digital Libraries can benefit from RDF to facilitate digital resource management and support knowledge management for an interoperable information environment like that found in a digital library (DL). A good case in point is the Digital Library of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the world’s largest, most comprehensive and respected on-line resource in the field of computing, which is due to adopt RDF in 2010. Providing the full text of every article from every journal, magazine, conference proceedings, newsletter, oral history interview and video published since 1954, the ACM Digital Library has been at the forefront of technology since its inception. “The introduction of Semantic Web tools in the ACM Digital Library will enable its hundreds of thousands of professional and student users to more easily find, share, and combine information on the Web", explained Dame Wendy Hall, President of ACM.

Source: New Advances for the Semantic Web, ERCIM News, Issue 81, April 2010