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      Date: Aug 16, 2010
     Title: eNewsletter - Summer 2010 now out!
Our latest eNewsletter for Summer 2010 is now available featuring upcoming events to mark in your diary: 2nd Workshop, 9-10 September @ ECDL2010 in Glasgow, an ICT2010 Networking Session on 29 September in Brussels and our Autumn School in Athens, 3-8 October. Our Face-to-Face is with Wolfram Horstmann, CIO at Bielefeld University Library and Expert in our Quality Working Group.

Experts, both inside and outside the project, play a valuable role in delivering insights into Digital Library Interoperability, Best Practices and Modelling Foundations, with the aim of taking Digital Libraries to the next level. This is very much the focus of a series of upcoming events where we continue to harness expertise in the field and to forge alliances with a diverse set of initiatives for knowledge exchange of mutual interest.

Forthcoming community events to mark in your diary:

Premier educational and training event - Autumn School in Athens, 3-8 October 2010. The Autumn School is dedicated to Digital Libraries and Digital Repositories: Modelling, Best Practices & Interoperability for library practitioners and decision makers, computer scientists and young professionals to educate them on interoperability challenges, apprpoaches and techniques with expert guidance, hands-on sessions and close interaction with peers and lecturers alike.


In the meantime, readers can get a glimpse of expertise through our new Blog Postings on the evolving Digital Library landscape and as Europe moves towards new frontiers in alignment with the EC's Digital Agenda (EC Comm2010), as well as on the approaches and upcoming outputs of the project, from the further enhanced Digital Library Reference Model to the Technology & Methodology Cookbook.

Read the Summer 2010 eNewsletter here.

Download the New Look PDF Version here.

Interview with Wolfram Horstmann - on-line text.

Downloadable PDF Version.