Categories: NewsFlash
      Date: Dec 31, 2010
     Title: eNewsletter - Winter 2010
The eNewsletter for Winter 2010 is now available. Top features include the London Workshop dedicated to Digital Libraries & Open Access. Interoperability Strategies, 4 February 2011, and interviews on Education and Research in Digital Libraries from our Parma seminar last November.

The eNewsletter, New Insights on Interoperability Strategies, Open Access, Education, Research, Theory & Practice in the Digital Library Space, announces the one-day Workshop on Digital Libraries & Open Access. Interoperability Strategies, 4 February 2011 at the British Academy in London.  The Workshop gathers together international experts on Digital Libraries and Open Access Repositories (OARs) to explore issues key to taking the field to the next level. Registration for the Workshop is now open.
The Workshop is the third in a series of highly successful events that have taken place in Europe over the last few months.

The Parma Seminar offered opportunities to explore the key role of fostering closer synergies between research communities and educational programmes, which are further investigated in our interviews with Professor Anna Maria Tammaro from the University of Parma and Marical Reyes Batiancila a Master Student from the Philippines.
Another feature sums up the main outcomes of the Athens Workshop, sharing the views of participants who kindly offered their position statements on the talks and demos presented at the event. The eNewsletter also provides a round-up of the highly successful Autumn School in early October 2010 together with the testimonies from the attendees.

PDF version of the eNewsletter.