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      Date: Mar  5, 2011
     Title: Questionnaire on DL Professional Learning Culture
Master Student, Marcial Batiancila from the Institute of Information Studies, Tallinn University, one of's interviewees, has published a questionnaire on DL professional learning culture as part of  his  research on the topic. Marcial was an active participant of the joint Library Learning Seminar on Research and Education in Digital Libraries in November 2010 in Parma.

The questionnaire asks a variety of questions about involvement in a Community of Practice, its learning practices and activities, as well as the issues that the community addresses. All the information  provided in this study will be kept confidential.  No respondent of the questionnaire will  be identified in the thesis or in any report or publication based on this research.

Enquiries or concerns about the questionnaire can be addressed directly by email to Marcial: or his supervisor Sirje Virkus at  

Thank you for your interest and participation.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in my research.