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      Date: Apr 20, 2011
     Title: Cookbook & Interoperability Framework is delighted to announce the Digital Library Technological and Methodological Cookbook designed to enable DL developers to build interoperable systems, broadening choice and opening up new opportunities for researchers, governments and citizens across a spectrum of domains.The interoperability framework can now be used to systematically characterise diverse facets linked to the interoperability challenge.

Interoperability is a complex, multi-layered and context-specific concept, encompassing different levels along a multi-dimensional spectrum ranging from organisational to technological aspects. is the first initiative to address interoperability from an all-encompassing perspective by harnessing leading figures in the DL space globally, investigating six core concepts characterising a Digital Library.The output is an innovative Digital Library Technological and Methodological Cookbook with a  portfolio of best practices and pattern solutions to common issues faced when developing large-scale interoperable digital  library systems. The Cookbook is designed to facilitate the assessment and selection of the solutions presented, enabling professionals working towards interoperability to define and pursue the different steps involved.

The Cookbook provides:

Download the Cookbook here or visit our dedicated section on the website. welcomes feedback on the Cookbook -