Categories: Spotlight
      Date: Sep 22, 2009
     Title: 1st Workshop, 1 October 2009, within ECDL's 1st Workshop took place on 1 October 2009, within ECDL2009 in Corfu, Greece . Over fifty participants took part in the Workshop which was dedicated to examining the challenges surrounding the interoperability of digital libraries from the perspectives of architecture, content, functionality, policy, quality and user, which are being evaluated by's Working Groups.

Donatella Castelli, Coordinator & CNR-ISTI (above), Yannis Ioannidis, University of Athens & Seamus Ross, University of Toronto, opened the workshop while Stefan Gradmann, University of Humboldt & Europeana (above) gave a keynote presentation addressing challenges surroundingĀ  interoperability in the field of DLs.

The Workshop was an important opportunity to deliberate top-level challenges and priorities for DL interoperability, shedding light on the current state of the art and deliberating top priorities in the drive towards global DL infrastructures. Talks included first achievement reports and visons on the six thematic groups, a short talk of the DELOS Reference Model, which provides the conceptual framework of; and an interactive panel discussion.
More post-event Information on the workshop will appear here soon