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      Date: Nov  5, 2010
     Title: On the Road, 8-12 Nov '10
Next week will be on the road in both Italy and Cyprus. The 1-day seminar on Research & Education on Digital Libraries takes place on Tuesday 9 November in Parma, featuring a series of insightful talks and round-table debate. Cyrpus provides the setting for a presentation on Digital Library interoperability challenges and the new poster display at EuroMed 2010 from 8-12 Nov.

The final programme for the 1-day seminar on Research & Education on Digital Libraries - 9 Nov in Parma is now available on line. The event features a series of insightful talks on the Reference Model and core related concepts, such as content, functionality policy, quality and user; perspectives on education in Digital Libraries from the Internationa Master on Digital Library Learning, (DILL) an initiative funded by the Union's Erasmus Mundis programme. A round-table debate will shine the spotlght on linking DL research with education in DL, defining research topics and  taking the necessary steps to ensure that research findings and interoperability spill over into academia, before wrapping-up with a Call for Action. This event is co-hosted by and DILL. The Virtual Goody Bag is available here.


EuroMed 2010 on Digital Heritage takes place in Cyprus from 8 through to 12 November, offering a forum for sharing views and experiences, discussing initiatives and best practices, as well as the technical tools needed to preserve and manage cultural heritage in the digital age. The event draws particular attention to current initiatives at national, European and international level as well as projects funded by private organisations. Against this backdrop, is presenting its findings on interoperability, a complex concept along a wide multidimensional spectrum, encompassing data and metadata interoperability on the one side and  organisational, legal and policy interoperability on the other. is presenting a recent paper entitled “Building Large hetereogeneous interconnected Digital Library Infrastructures: The Interoperability Challenge”, co-authored by co-ordinating partners, Costantino Thanos, Donatella Castelli and Leonardo Candela from the Institute of Information Science and Technologies at the National Research Council of Italy. Costantino Thanos is representing the project at EuroMed 2010 along with a poster display. The paper focuses on: