Autumn School Testimonies

Participants hail the Autumn School a huge success

Feedback collected from the participants of the Autumn school, which ran 3-8 October 2010 in Athens, underscores the different levels of quality of the event, from the lecturers, background material, expectations, and addressing the main topic to organisational aspects. All participants are interested in attending similar events in the future and almost everyone felt that the cost is acceptable. Here is how the Autumn School faired out of a total score of 5:

  • speaker effectiveness: 4.41
  • structure of the event: 4.5
  • value of background documentation: 4.45
  • organization: 4.83
  • addressing the main topic: 4.58

Testimonies & Take-home messages

"The competence of trainers, good explanations of the field are the two things I liked best about the Autumn School. The wide view of DL's and requirements that have to be discussed for interoperability is my take-home message."

Library Manager

"The topics for the user domain and architecture domain are my favourite workshop features."


"What I liked most was the D4Science demo, bringing a different perspective. For me the main take-away is new knowledge on conceptualisation and generalisation of DL model, as well as interoperability guidelines."

Project Manager

"The expertise of the speakers is what impressed me most. I take home general knowledge about the requirements needed."

Librarian & Digital Reproduction Service

"I take away with me a method, a complete list of points to take in count, some sites or applications on which I'd like to find more information after the School."


"I really liked the extensive and thorough presentation of all aspects of Digital Libraries, Digital Library Systems and Digital Library Management Systems. I take back with me new know-how on the Reference Model and the Cookbook."

Software Developer

"I most liked the user interactive study approach of Prof. Yannis Ioannidis. I take away with me the systematization of DL research."

DL Designer

"Perfect organisation, good lecturers, interesting topics, and team working exercises are the best things about the Autumn School. I take away some best practices about DLs and interoperability."

Software Developer


"Meeting nice people, the social dinner, and an informative well-structured series of lectures are what I liked best. A better understanding of DL interoperability issues and some general knowledge of the Reference Model is what I am taking away with me."

Software Developer

"I liked the part of the practical hands-on exercises, as well as the part where various researchers presented the steps that they are undertaking such as the DRIVER project. The Autumn School was very helpful in understanding matters that are related to the implementation of a digital library, especially the ones that are related with the matter of interoperability."


"Collaboration by working on problem solving solutions, the participation of the speakers during the lessons and presentations scenarios based on real-life cases is what I liked best. Additional practices solutions and best methods in order to organize or reorganize digital libraries and repositories is what I am taking away with me."


"The organisation into the various fundamental "domains", how they have been treated and explained to us, so as to understand the essential importance and role of each of them to achieve interoperability is what I liked best. Useful theoretical as well as practical references to promote some Digital Libraries ideas for future projects in the Organisation is what I am take back with me."

Technology Coordinator