This section hosts papers published in conference proceedings and international journals, presentations at external events, virtual packs with resources from our events and pertinent documents sourced externally, selected and packaged for our stakeholder community.

Our four user-friendly Booklets capture the main outputs of on Digital Library interoperability, best practices and modelling foundations to enable the LIS Community. The four Booklets are dedicated to Digital Library Manifesto, Reference Model - In a Nutshell, Checklist & Interoperability Cookbook.

The main outputs, also published elsewhere on this website, are also provided here. Suite of Publications

Digital Library Reference Model

Enhanced and expanded Digital Library Reference Model (April 2011) with its four parts: Manifesto, In a Nutshell, Concepts and Relations, and Conformance Check List, introducing the principles governing the digital library space,  capturing the core concepts and relationships betwen them that collectively characterise this domain. Digital Library Reference Model (April 2011) Digital Library Technology & Methodology Cookbook

The Cookbook is an innovative artefact produced by to present a portfolio of best practices and pattern solutions to common issues faced when developing large-scale interoperable digital  library systems.The Cookbook proposes an interoperability framework that can be used to systematically characterise diverse facets linked to the interoperability challenge as well as existing and forthcoming solutions and approaches. The Cookbook is designed to facilitate the assessment and selection of the solutions presented. The Cookbook (April 2011).


1st Workshop Booklet on DL Interoperability, October 2009

The Booklet, distributed at the 1st Workshop, outlines the main goals of and the global expertise it is harnessing to address DL interoperability, best practices and reference modelling. The Booklet offers a snapshot on the DELOS DL Reference Model, which will enhance and consolidate through core technical work and community feedback. A special feature explores interoperability from the different perspectives of and Europeana. Six expositions are also offered on the six DL domains: architecture, content, functionality, policy, quality and user from each of the project's six Thematic Working Groups.