Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Autumn School, students will have:
  • Gained an appreciation of the issues surrounding interoperability within the context of institutions working with digital documents and data.
  • Acquired a grasp of the core research in the area of digital library interoperability.
  • Developed a coherent and practical understanding of activities surrounding interoperability from an organisational, technical and methodological point of view.
  • Gained experience with issues surrounding digital library modelling and digital library management.
  • Acquired an appreciation of the different approaches the Content, User, Policy, Quality, Functionality and Architecture domains.
  • Gained knowledge of the approaches to digital library and repository design and deployment.
  • Acquired knowledge of the techniques and practices that underlie digital library management in the light of interoperability. Gained an understanding of how interoperability requirements can be integrated into approaches to digital library development.