Multimodal Resources has produced a variety of multimodal resources to support education and training on digital libraries, spanning reference modelling, interoperability patterns and solutions, real-world demos and digitally captured lectures explaining cutting-edge findings on core concepts, such as content, functionality, user, policy, quality and architecture.

Talks on Reference Texts

The Reference Model, Vittore Casarosa, National Research Council, Italy

Interoperability Best Practices and Solutions - the Cookbook, Leonardo Candela, National Research Council, Italy

Video Resources

Reference Texts

The Digital Library Reference Model, April 2011
The Digital Library Reference Model has been produced by the European funded project by enhancing and extending the Reference Model of the DELOS Network of Excellence. The Reference Model provides a roadmap enabling players in the DL space to share a common understanding and follow the same route when dealing with entities in this complex universe.
The Reference Model comprises three, self-contained sections:

  • Digital Library Manifesto
  • Digital Library Reference Model in a Nutshell
  • Digital Library Reference Model Concepts & Relations
  • Digital Library Conformance Check List

The Digital Library Technological and Methodological Cookbook, April 2011

The innovative Cookbook comprises a  portfolio of best practices and pattern solutions to common issues faced when developing large-scale interoperable digital  library systems. The Cookbook is designed to facilitate the assessment and selection of the solutions presented, enabling professionals working towards interoperability to define and pursue the different steps involved. It provides:

  • The Interoperability Framework
  • Insights into organisational, semantic and technological interoperability
  • Best practices and solutions across the six core concepts: content, user, functionality, policy, quality and architecture
  • Interoperability scenarios