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Jan 18, 2010


Information Access & Interoperability - 6th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries - IRCDL 2010, Department of Information Engineering - University of Padua,  28-29 January 2010 in Padua, Italy. involvement & presence:

Making Digital Library COntent Interoperable

L.Candela, D. Castelli, C. Thanos

An event-centric Provenance Model for Digital Libraries

C. Tang, D. Castelli, L. Candela, P. Manghi, P. Pagano, C. Thanos

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Posted by: stephanie

IRCDL is a yearly event designed specifically for Italian researchers on Digital Libraries (DL) related topics. As DLs mature, more emphasis needs to be placed on a more effective and personalised access to information for users, while improving interoperability between the different systems available. In particular, special attention needs placing on organisational aspects for advanced access to truly interoperable systems.

IRCDL conferences were originally launched and sponsored by DELOS, an EU FP6 Network of Excellence on DLs together with the Department of Information Engineering at the University of Padua. Over the years IRCDL has become a self sustainable event tnow sponsored by the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padua and by the Italian DL Community.

IRCDL2010 brings a focus on a diverse set of aspects that need to be taken into account to support Information Access and Interoperability:

  • System Interoperability and Data Integration
  • Multilingual Information Access
  • Infrastructures
  • Metadata Creation and Management
  • Search Engines for Digital Library Systems
  • Evaluation and Log Data
  • Handling Audio/Visual and Non-traditional Objects
  • User Interfaces and Visualisation

Costantino Thanos, CNR-ISTI - General Chair of IRCDL2010

Leonardo Candela, CNR-ISTI serving on the Programme Committee.