DL.org Cookbook

The demand for powerful and rich Digital Libraries capable  of supporting a  broad  variety of interdisciplinary activities and the pressing need to address the data deluge are intimately bound up with the increasing need for "building by re-use" and "sharing". Interoperability plays a crucial role in responding to these needs. Despite efforts to address interoperability, current solutions are  still limited. The lack of a systematic approach on the one hand and scarce knowledge of  current solutions adopted on the other are among the main impediments to interoperability. What's more, solutions are  all too often confined to the systems they have been designed for.

Chartered with addressing interoperability challenges, the DL.org project and its contributing experts have produced a Technology and Methodology Digital Library Cookbook.The Cookbook provides an interoperability framework together with a portfolio of best practices and pattern solutions to common challenges face when it comes to developing large-scale interoperable Digital Library systems.

The Cookbook main components are:
  • Interoperability Levels & Digital Libraries
  • Interoperability Framework
  • Interoperability Model in Action
  • Best Practices for organisational, semantic and technical interoperability across six core DL concepts (content, functionality, user, policy, quality and architecture)
  • Interoperability Scenarios

Feedback on the Cookbook should be sent to cookbook@dlorg.eu. To provide feedback in the form  of a blog posting, please contact info@dlorg.eu.