Strategic Alliances

", as a co-ordination action, has a very important role to play in conveying the benefits of interoperability for the diverse stakeholders, including key players in the Humanities space, not only DL end-users but also archivists and librarians as well as content curators, system librarians and decision-makers particularly on the policy and investment front. If we look back in history, all standardisation effort basically boils down to human-to-human interaction. Hence community engagement is key to bringing interoperability benefits and best practices into sharp relief."
Tobias Blanke, Kings College London - Member of's Liaison Group & Representative of the DARIAH project. Strategic Alliances with European Initiatives, National Initiatives and International Coalitions serve to:

  • Foster knowledge exchange within the DL community
  • Inform the wider community of how DL interoperability issues are being addressed
  • Spotlight best practices and technology patterns to guide further advancement in the field of digital libraries
  • Enhance the educational and training and ensure resources are more widely available

Main Outcomes

40 synergies have been forged at multiple levels. On a European level, strategic alliances stem from six different Directorate General Units of the European Commission:
  • Cultural Heritage and Enhanced Technology Learning, e.g. SHAMAN
  • GÉANT and e-Infrastructures, e.g. DC-Net, GRDI2020, OpenAIRE, VENUS-C.
  • Education and Culture DG - Erasmus Mundus programme, e.g. DILL
  • eContentPlus: e.g. Europeana, EUScreen
  • Research and Development, e.g. Scientix
  • ICT for Sustainable Growth, e.g. ENVISION. has also established synergies with initiatives supported by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), e.g. DARIAH - Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts & Humanities and LIFEWATCH - eScience & technology infrastructure for biodiversity data & observatories.

National initiatives include the Veria Central Library (Greece) and three US-based initiatives:
  • Digital Library Curriculum Development: Virginia Tech and the Library & Information Science Graduate School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Memento
  • Streams, Structures, Spaces, Scenarios and Societies (5S)
Of particular importance is the alliance with Virginia Tech and Library & Information Science Graduate School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in that it has helped to shape and deliver a set of training modules now published on Wikiversity, which has ensured education on Digital Libraries stemming from is widely available: eTraining
Finally interaction ePractice.EU and the publication of a dedicated page on has attracted over 1200 views to date.