Coalitions & Think Tanks has established Strategic Alliances with coalitions and think-tanks operating on a global level fostering digital preservation for future generations, supporting flagship platforms and shaping future research libraries. Representatives from these initiatives serve on several Working Groups and deliver forward-thinking reports in DL arena.

Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC)

DPC is a not-for-profit membership organisation whose primary objective is to raise awareness of the importance of the preservation of digital material and the attendant strategic, cultural and technological issues. DPC is represented in the Working Group on Policy bringing expertise on digital preservation and digital content. External website



DuraSpace brings together two of the largest providers of open source software for managing and providing access to digital content – Fedora Commons and the DSpace Foundation – with the aim of pursuing a common mission. DuraSpace provides leadership and innovation in open source technologies for global communities that manage, preserve and provide access to digital content. DuraSpace is chartered with supporting its flagship platforms and existing communities in addition to expanding its portfolio by offering new technologies and services that respond to the dynamic requirements of the Web and new requirements to engage a larger and more diverse group of stakeholders. Representatives from DuraSpace serve on the Working Group for Architecture. DuraSpace website



E-LIS (E Prints in Library and Information Science) aims to further the Open Access philosophy by making available papers in LIS and related fields. It is a free-access international archive, in line with the Free Online Scholarship (FOS) movement and the Eprints movement, based on the Open Archive Initiative (OAI) standards and protocols. E-LIS website


Fedora Commons

Fedora Commons is a non-profit organisation providing sustainable technologies to create, manage, publish, share and preserve digital content as a basis for intellectual, organisational, scientific and cultural heritage by bringing two communities together. Fedora Commons is the home of the unique Fedora open source software, a robust integrated repository-centered platform that enables the storage, access and management of virtually any kind of digital content. Representatives from Fedora Commons serve on the Working Group for the Architecture domain. Fedora Commons website


GRL2020 - A Vision for Global Research Libraries

GRL2020, a Vision for future Global Research Libraries is a think-tank set up to deliver insight into shaping the evolution of digital and research libraries to address top-level challenges, such as curation issues regarding the huge amounts of digital content and ensuring that researchers are provided with new services for exploiting data so that new knowledge can be generated more effectively. Representatives from GRL2020 contribute a number of reports dedicated to pioneering work across diverse disciplines and Digital Library advances.  GRL2020 Website