The core activities and main outputs of have mainly targeted the Library and Information Science (LIS) Community, spanning educationalists, students, practitioners, and decision makers. has also engaged closely with the computer science and research community to ensure a focused approach to future advancement in the digital library field. To underpin and shape outputs, has harnessed global expertise through six Working Groups (Content, Functionality, User, Policy, Quality and Architecture), a Liaison Group and an External Advisory Board. Together, all these professionals make up the stakeholder community on multiple levels: developing or enhancing digital libraries, making these systems interoperable, learning and teaching, as well as assessing the extent to which a specific digital library conforms with the Digital Library Reference Model. Stakeholders can gain important new knowledge on interoperability from the Cookbook, presented under Outputs.

The international community has emerged chiefly from two international workshops, three events in Greece, Italy and the UK respectively, and an Autumn School coupled with international conferences across Europe, where has presented its findings and networked with key stakeholder groups. A sample of the core community is illustrated through participant details from:

Strategic Alliances have also played a key role in building the, sharing insights,  supporting events and reaching out to a broader group of stakeholders. Dissemination and distribution of outputs alongside community building are continuing after project conclusion, primarily through: