Statements - London Workshop would like to thank the participants at the Workshop on Digital Libraries & Open Access. Interoperability Strategies, 4 February 2011 in London, fr sharing their views on the event.


Librarian, UK
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.


Assistant Librarian, India
I would like to thank and congratulate to the staff for the efforts in organising such an important and useful event on Digital Libraries. Many experts shared their technological experience on digital libraries in the workshop. Thanks to all the experts for sharing their expertise in the workshop and through documents. The Reference model and Cookbook are excellent tools for all the people associated in the field of digital library. These tools will be useful for both digital library developers as well as Digital Library System/software developers. Almost all the DL areas are covered in these tools. The workshop was very useful and covered most of the aspects of Digital Library development.

Systems Analyst, Latvia
Very useful information for institutions that consider OAR implementation, especially SONEX Workgroup results. Useful information about existing Open Access projects and programs as well as success stories. The Reference Model is a potential Open Access system standard.

Chief Technology Officer at national health institute, Italy
Very productive workshop, great opportunity for networking.


Director of IT department at academic institution, Latvia
The seminar provided in-depth perspectives of current and future Open Access developments. The Reference Model is a very good foundation for DL development.

Student, Latvia
Wonderful and inspiring event, useful documents. Probably the most useful part of the event was some in-depth information how the ideas of Reference Model can be applied in real life.


Repository Manager, Latvia
All presentations were very useful and I gained a lot of information which could be used when creating the Open Access repository at my institution.


Librarian, Spain
Interesting meeting and careful organisation.


Repository Manager, UK
Excellent workshop.


Researcher, Czech Republic
Thank you for organising such an interesting workshop. I liked the workshop organisation, presentations were really interesting and the discussion was quite nice. Lunch was extraordinary as well as the service. Maybe a few more examples of usage might be introduced, but that is the decision of the presenters.


Chief Librarian, Italy
The meeting was interesting. I suggest for the future meetings to accept theoretical papers (models, standardisation etc) and papers on the state of art of the evolution of the Digital Libraries in the world with some interesting samples on metadata standardisation, interoperability and other similar topic. This part was less focused during this event but may be very important in order to put the theory into practice. Also the role of Libraries in building, disseminating, maintaining and preserving knowledge should be better explored.