Functionality Working Group

Functionality Working Group Focus

The Functionality concept encapsulates the services that a Digital Library offers to its different users, whether classes of users or individual users. While the general expectation is that DLs will be rich in capabilities and services, the bare minimum of functions would include such aspects as new information object registration, search and browse. Beyond that, the system seeks to manage the functions of the Digital Library to ensure that the functions reflect the particular needs of the Digital Library’s community of users and/or the specific requirements relating to the Content it contains.
Source: Digital Library Manifesto in the Digital Library Reference Model (V1.0), p. 21.


Experts contributing to the Functionality Working Group:

  • George Athanasopoulos, Department of Informatics & Telecommunications, University of Athens, Greece
  • Vassilis Christophides, Department of Computer Science, University of Crete, Greece
  • Ed Fox, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech
  • Yannis Ioannidis, Department of Informatics & Telecommunications, University of Athens
  • George Kaletris, Department of Informatics & Telecommunications, University of Athens
  • Natalia Manola, Senior Software Engineer, Greece
  • Carlo Meghini, Institute of Information Science & Technologies, National Research Council of Italy (CNR-ISTI)
  • Andreas Rauber, Department of Computer Science, Technical University of Vienna
  • Dagobert Soergel, Library & Information Studies, University at Buffalo - Scientific Chair of the Functionality Working Group resources available:
Tech Wiki on Functionality.
The Digital Library Reference Model, V1.0.
Interoperability Booklet produced for the 1st Workshop, October 2009.
Position statements on the current version of the Reference Model and investigations into interoperability from a multi-layered perspective can be posted through the Open Forum on out Tech Wiki.