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Issue 7 - DL.org – eNewsletter Winter 2010, New Insights on Interoperability Strategies, Open Access, Education, Research, Theory & Practice in the Digital Library Space. Our Winter 2010 eNewsletter features the upcoming Workshop on Digital Libraries & Open Access. Interoperability Strategies (February 2011), interviews from the Parma Seminar (november 2010) on Digital Libraries and Education, an overview of the Athens Workshop on Theory & Practice in Digital Libraries: A European Approach (December 2010) and a Round-up of the Autumn School (October 2010) with testimonies from attendees. PDF Version.

Issue 6 - DL.org – eNewsletter Summer 2010: DL.org Oureach & Training, Driving Forward Interoperability, Best Practices & Modelling Foundations. Our Summer 2010 eNewsletter features upcoming DL.org events, from the 2nd DL.org Workshop at ECDL2010 and Networking at ICT2010 (September) to our Autumn School in Athens (October); a Face-to-Face with Wolfram Horstmann, DL.org Expert and overview of DL.org's involvement at the Open Repositories conference (July), our latest Strategic Alliance with Scientix and Views from our Experts on the DL.org Blog. PDF Version.

Issue 5 - DL.org Newsletter - Issue 4 Interoperability in Focus an interview with Tobias Blanke, Kings College London & Member of DL.org's Liaison Group; Call for Papers for the 2nd DL.org Workshop; strategic alliances bring new insights into interoperability challenges; DL.org On the Road - updates on meetings and workshops across Europe. PDF Version.

Issue 4 - DL.org Out & About! Events attended by DL.org

Issue 3 -  New, global insights on DL Interoperability, an interview with the Library of Congress and its National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP), a wrap-up on the 1st DL.org Workshop Outcomes, an overview on DL.org's eTraining programme and a snapshot up some upcoming events of interest

Issue 2 - Connecting DL Experts Globally, featuring an interview with Jill Cousins, Europeana; a special report on the Earth Science DL Community; information regarding the first DL.org Workshop, 1 October, Corfu, Greece; and insight into the DL.org Working Groups.

Issue 1 - DL.org Newsletter - Issue 1 2009 "A Common Journey to New Frontiers" with testimonials from experts welcoming the launch of DL.org