A Gathering of Experts

A Gathering of Experts at the DL.org All Working Group Meeting, 26-28 May 2010, Rome, Italy

The internationally renowned experts forming part of our Working Groups came together in May for an intense, three-day meeting to share knowledge on Digital Library (DL) interoperability, challenges and approaches.

The magnificent Centro Congressi Palazzo Rospigliosi in the centre of Rome provided the backdrop to an effective dialogue between experts on DL content, functionality, user, policy, quality and architecture - the concepts to which DL.org's six Thematic Working Groups are dedicated. The meeting was an important step towards ensuring that the complexity of interoperability is addressed from each of these core DL domains, placing emphasis on current findings and research priorities for DL interoperability moving forward and key DL.org outputs, such as the Reference Model and Technology and Methodology Cookbook. The meeting was organised into plenary and parallel sessions based on pre-defined topics for discussion and issues to be addressed, fostering cross-fertilisation across the Groups. The last day was spent drawing the main conclusions and charting a course for future actions needed moving forward with a look at future DL.org outreach activities to underpin both the findings and key outputs in the pipeline.

Several experts have offered their views on DL interoperability within the context of the EC's Digital Agenda for Europe (May 2010), interoperability frameworks and the approaches undertaken by our Working Groups. The Expert Views have been published on the Blog.