Experts has brought together the leaders in the Digital Library space, particularly in Europe and in the U.S., but  also people from Asia and South Africa, as well. I think that launching the conversation at conferences like ECDL (European Conference on Digital Libraries) is incredibly important, providing opportunities for people to interact together. is by far the most comprehensive attempt yet to capture the whole space for DL research and development that needs to be done and  I think it will become “the” forum for considering this.”

Ronald Larsen, University of Pittsburgh, U.S.


Digital Library interoperability is a complex, multi-layered and context-specific concept that encompasses different layers along a mult-dimensional spectrum ranging from organisational to technological aspects. has investigated the interoperability challenge from the perspective of the core concepts charactering a Digital Library: Content, Functionality, User, Policy, Quality and Architecture. To support this investigation, has harnessed the expertise that exists globally in six thematic Working Groups, one for each core concept, while also drawing on the support of a Liaison Group. The strategic direction of the project has been shaped by the External Advisors.

Working Groups

Members of the Content Working Group

Members of the Functionality Working Group

Members of the User Working Group

Members of the Policy Working Group

Members of the Quality Working Group

members of the Architecture Working Group

The work of the Working Group experts is coordinated through the Tech Wiki, which includes their repsective charters, on-going activities & discussions, as well as an Open Forum, where members of the DL community can share their thoughts and ideas on the current state of play.