Position Statements

The participants from the Athens workshop on "Theory and Practice in Digital Libraries: A European Approach" (13 December 2010) offer their views and future wish lists with DL.org. DL.org would like to thank all the participants for attending the Workshop and for sharing their thoughts with us.

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A pure scientific, compact and comprehensive workshop. I really liked the interactive nature of the seminar, as most of the presentations led to fruitful discussions on interesting topics e.g. “What is Digital a Library” or 'Education on Digital Libraries'. These sessions underlined the need for future educational activities for DLs and also the importance of DLs in collecting, preserving and disseminating cultural heritage among different countries of Europe.”

Librarian, Bank of Greece.

In future I would like to see more tutorials and educating videos about DL, as I believe this would motivate and inspire DL students. Copyright Vs Open Access, issues related to organisational aspects such as government or institutional support, financial coverage and continuous education of librarians are some of the hot topics that I would like to see in future workshop agendas. Finally, cross-country collaboration of Librarians and organisations within Europe is very important in building 'know-how' and exchanging knowledge and ideas.”

Librarian, TEI Piraeus.

“Very interesting presentations, as they focused on the state of the art in the DL domain. I hope to see more similar collaborative workshops in future, which bring together different organizations of the DL community”.

Librarian Public Central European of Eleftheroupolis.

“I would prefer a more detailed analysis of the technical part. Thank you for letting me participate”.

Computer Scientist BSc, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications  NKUA


“A remarkable workshop! I’ve also attended the workshop of EuropeanaLocal (Athens October 2010) and really liked the connection between these events.  As a Librarian, I express the need for more events of this kind, as I find them really useful important for our continuous education process. Interesting talks presented by competent speakers, with different backgrounds from Technical focused to more Conceptual/Organisational oriented.”

Librarian, NKUA School of Philosophy, Department of Linguistics

Interesting and compact presentation of the DL.org project and its parts. The real time demo session was extremely useful. Excellent presentation on the educational role of the DL Reference Model and its usage as a guidance in future DL and Repositories applications. The one-day workshop was perfectly organised.”

Librarian, MSc,, Music Library of Greece Lilian Voudouri

“This workshop gave me the opportunity to see in real time how the theory and concepts which I’ve been studying as a Librarian, are implemented in practice. Especially for people who have finished their studies, but still didn’t have the chance to practice their profession, such workshops provide them the opportunity to remain up-to-date. Thank you!”

Librarian National School of Public Health

“Congratulations! Thank you very much for the wonderful organisation and constructive presentations.”

Librarian,  Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation

“Very useful event, not many opportunities to discuss about these things.”

Librarian, MSc

“It was not only an event but an interactive seminar, where you had the opportunity to learn  more than expected. The educational aspect should be further strengthened.”