Autumn 2010

CODATA 2010 Conference, 24-27 October 2010, Cape Town, South Africa

Scientific event

The sea change in data storage, dissemination, preservation and management has brought with it a number of challenges such as data quality, access and archiving calling for concerted efforts on a global scale. The aim of the 22nd International Conference on Scientific Information for Society: From Today to the Future (CODATA 2010) aimed to provide an international forum for scientific communities and policy makers to deliberate how such challenges can be addressed as effectively as possible. The CODATA Conference addresses mainly the requirements of scientific disciplines, offering an opportunity to share insights with specialists from different domains and share insights with members of GRL2020 and GRDI2020 experts in attendance.
On 25 October 2010 Costantino Thanos, National Research Council, presented a talk co-authored by Leonardo Candela and Donatella Castelli from the same institution with the title Towards Global Data Interoperability. The talk was delivered during the Session hosted by GRDI2020 - Towards a 10-Year Vision for Global Research Data Infrastructures, a strategic alliance of The paper, which reported findings to help address interoperability challenges in the Digital Library space, helped to pinpoint a number of common approaches to content interoperability challenges.


Europeana in Greece: Adding Greek Cultural Content to the European Digital Library, 19 October 2010, Athens, Greece

Networking event
The workshop on Europeana in Greece was held in conjunction with the EuropeanaLocal National Meeting in Greece. The main aim of this event was to bring together providers of local and regional content for Europeana. It addressed the economic and organisational challenges that these institutions are facing, in their effort to collect, digitise and aggregate Cultural content. The activities of EuropeanaLocal and AccessIT were presented and the role and future of the Greek National Aggregator was analysed. partner participation in the event, distributing project fliers and raising awareness of the project and its goals.

The event enabled direct interaction with EuropeanaLocal coordinators at national level, leading to a fruitful collaboration and the successful co-organisation of the Workshop in Athens; (December 2010) discussions with the AccessIT speaker focused on the e-Training. This exchange has been maintained after the event and a number of follow-up activities have been carried out. The event also enabled direct interaction with Greek content providers, such as libraries, museums and archives, as well as librarians, information scientists, computer scientists and archivists.

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